January 2019 marked the beginning of a constructive and sometimes complicated path towards the creation of a new company identity, which would have reflected fully the new values acquired by the whole group during recent years.
A year later AV Group was born, the evolution of a company with great objectives and new perspectives.

What motivated the change

The evolutionary instinct is part of human nature and this instinct led to the creation of AV Group, encouraging the company to invest even more in team-workshop, new business processes and new technologies.
These investments represent AV Group’ values, ideals and technological vision of the future; AV Group is a company that strongly believes in the philosophy of working with passion.

AV GROUP: a complete service made in Italy

ATLEM&VALTEC has always believed in innovation and evolution of technology, so it has always supported customers and partners in the respect of these ideals.
AV Group reflects the same values as always and adds a new way of thinking, new technological solutions and an even more satisfying completeness of the service offered.

Smart, collaborative and designed to boost innovation

The first phase of the smart and high tech design of the new corporate identity of AV Group has materially integrated innovative technologies in business processes, drawing attention to the importance of the issue of quick and effective solutions, essential qualities for today’s customers.
In particular, the use of technologically advanced instrumentation allows a decisive saving of time and costs, resulting in a better timeliness of intervention to the customer.

Based on the concepts of innovation and modern organization, the work of AV Group continues at this time, committed to establishing a flexible mode of work and co-working, involving and motivating for the whole group. Inspired by this idea, the new corporate identity, in a phase 2.0, will physically come to life in new work spaces, with a flexible division of the internal environments, supporting in this way the exchange of information, ideas and objectives even more than today.
Spreading the technical knowledge of the sector is a fundamental prerogative for AV Group that, inspired by the close partnership with the Schools of the territory, has created a company section dedicated to research and training.

Inside AV GROUP: the magic of the group

AV Group is born from a great exchange of opinions and motivational experiences, shared by people who work every day and live working moments made of sacrifices, complicated challenges and many wonderful victories.
After more than a year of group experiences, investments and big organizational changes, the company is ready to put at your disposal its vision of technological future, with a new philosophy of work and more and more desire to amaze you with its great passion.
The owner Marco Catalano tells the jump into the future:

‘Providing technological solutions is very different from selling machine tools.’
This sentence fully reflects the spirit of our company and I wanted that this philosophy transpired at a glance… It’s been a long road, but the result so far surprises even me. Now we are ready to share with you our new identity, which fully reflects a Mission & Vision ever closer to you… and this is just the first of the new things we have in store for you!


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