CNC machines: how to choose the right investment

New machine, used machining center or retrofitting machine tools?

The need to innovate a plant or buy a new one usually starts from the company’s desire to increase, improve and improve its production. So, how do I choose far-sightedly how to invest to optimize my production?
The possible options are 3: the purchase of new CNC machines, the purchase of used machine tools or the upgrading of an existing machine.
In this article you will find out which factors to evaluate and then decide the type of investment best suited to your company.

How much do I want to increase my production?

Assuming that the motivation for your new investment is the increase in production or the need to insert a particular additional processing, the initial demand to be asked concerns our forecast of demand growth.
If I realize that the market requires me to constantly increase the offer and therefore I have an excellent prospect of growth, which will support large quantities of production, probably the best choice is to buy a new machine.
The purchase of new cnc machines is in fact recommended to increase production and to insert more advanced machining, then make a “leap forward” in the technology category.
A new machine will be less prone to damage or wear and the cost is easily depreciable on the production numbers. In addition, a new machine can always be resold with a certain margin as used when you need to invest again, always having a spare of high-performance machinery.
The choice can also fall on a work center used when possible.
With a used center in fact you must also take into account the wear of the components and that will be increasingly subject, compared to a new, to failures.

How much investment capacity I have available

Once I evaluate the market demand I have to understand what my investment budget is. It is important to evaluate the budget well in relation to my need for growth, so as to make a realistic report of my purchase prospects according to the objectives and the reference market.
The continuing crisis in fact drives many mechanical companies to “regenerate” old machine tools and not to invest in new ones, trying to lower the cost of investment. The retrofitting of machine tools is in fact a very used procedure in these cases. The retrofitting allows not only to restore the initial performance of the machinery, but also to increase them, adding new automatisms, modern controls and renewing obsolete and worn mechanical parts.
As said before, the investment must be related to the need I have and to the demand of the market, evaluating well together with an expert consultant what is the most suitable investment process.

Relying on an expert in the field

Very often the best solution to evaluate different options is to refer to a consultant who is experienced in cross-cutting fields, which can then advise on the best investment opportunities in relation to budget and objective. AV Group offers a complete consultancy service, using software and collaborators to provide accurate and structured studies of the best prospects for the customer, in a personalized and complete manner, based on the customer’s needs.


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