Revamping machine tools

What is revamping?

A modernization that involves the machinery from the technological point of view.
The revamping includes a series of operations that allow you to extend the productive life of a machine for even 15 or 20 years.
Revamping is therefore more convenient in the case of machines that are still sturdy but no longer able to meet the technical standards, instead of purchasing a new model.

How we operate

Once disassembled and verified the plants, we proceed immediately to carry out extraordinary maintenance, useful to restore a level of performance as close as possible to a new product.
At this stage our team:
  • thoroughly analyzes the electrical circuits
  • checks the state of the mechanical parts (and replaces potentially worn out ones with modern models)
  • make the machine undergo stress and handling tests
Only after these steps is it possible to achieve a level of performance equal to the initial ones.


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