7th Sense

Monitoring software.

It has features like a virtual machine screen that displays an updated process status, smart navigation to reduce errors and various smart reports that offer smart analysis of processes and results.

7° SENSE also has a cockpit (dashboard) that provides a quick overview of current activities, completion steps, and other insights that allow you to spend less time measuring the efficiency and productivity of the machine.

Usage details

  • Intelligent Machine Management;
  • Productivity Monitoring;
  • Daily production virtualization & visualization;
  • Live Production Monitoring;
  • Virtual Machine Screen;
  • Current Event Monitoring;
  • Live Breakdown Alarms;
  • Live OEE;
  • reports
  • Live Machine Monitoring;
  • Machine Health Alarms Logs;
  • Machine Health Analysis;
  • Tool Management;
  • Dedicated operator Screen.
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