EDM 312

Robust, compact, versatile: the EDM 312 MF 30 is well suited for a variety of applications. Delightfully compact dimensions while still being designed for heavier loads at the Z-axis.

Usage details

The EDM 316 MF 30 offers you:

  • digital AC servo direct drives and glass scales for highest drive and control dynamics;
  • lowerable tank, driveable while filled for free access to the workpiece;
  • fully simultaneous CNC path control MF 30 on PC basis with Windows operating system;
  • high-power generator technology exopuls+ with Digisparc-optimised erosion process;
  • connection to various automation systems possible;
  • chuck integrated in the machine table possible.
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Specifiche tecniche Modello EDM 312

Percorsi di traversata X x Y x Z
Tavolo da lavoro
Vasca di lavoro
Distanza tavola/penna min./max.
Peso dell'elettrodo max.
Peso del pezzo max.
Altezza di riempimento vasca di lavoro
Dimensioni totali L x P x H
Corrente del generatore
Rete elettrica
Consumo di energia

EDM 312 MF 30

450 x 300 x 300 mm
820 x 400 mm
900 x 520 mm
150/450 mm
30/150 kg
800 kg
295 mm
2,160 x 2,00 x 2610 mm
60 A
400 V, Ds, 50 Hz
7 kVA